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REO: O-46318 - 5 CRPG Gander - FSA

Status Open

Competition Closing Date: 06-AUG-2020

From: 5 CRPG

Subj: Class B Permanent Res Svc opportunity - 5 CRPG - PO BOX 6000 STN MAIN, GANDER, NL, A1V 1X1, CA

A. CF Mil Pers Instr 20/04 - Administrative Policy of Class A, Class B and Class C Reserve Instruction
B. DAOD 5023-2 - Physical Fitness Program
C. A-PM-245-011/FP-001
D. CFIRP - Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program
E. CFTDTI - Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instructions

  1. 5 CRPG has a Class B Permanent for a Pte/Cpl MOS ID/Occupation 00376-01-FSA to commence on 03-AUG-2020 until 02-AUG-2023. Only personnel from the following Component/Sub-Component may apply for this position: Primary Reserve Force, Supplementary Reserve Force, Regular Force.
  2. Essential requirements are as fols:
    1. Rank: Pte/Cpl
      IAW Ref A, applicants who are one rank lower or one rank higher may apply, however will only be considered in those exceptional circumstances where no other qualified candidate is available. If one rank higher is the only suitable applicant, mbr may be required to relinquish their rank for the period of employment.
    2. MOS ID: 00376-01-FSA
      FSA preferred, if no suitable FSA applies other trades may be considered.
    3. Language: English essential
    4. Security clearance: Secret
    5. Health: BE MED/DENT FIT
    6. Physical fitness: MUST BE PHYSICALLY FIT
    7. Required experience and quals:
      • Course Remarks:
        • FSA RQ Pte an asset.
    8. Position requirements for regular force annuitants permit IAW CMP instruction 20/04: Yes - Option 2 ( (# 20/04))
  3. Secondary requirements of position, as applic:
    • A. DRMIS roles an asset;
      B. Expenditure Management course, Green Procurement and Contracting Direct with Trade an asset;
      C. Excellent oral and written communication skills an asset;
      D. An intermediate level of computer knowledge in Windows 95, or higher, and Microsoft Office;
      E. Ability to work with minimal supervision; and
      F. Be team oriented.
  4. Basic description of duties: A. Process DRMIS entries (invoices, system adjustments (SA), reconcile HRG);
    B. Assist with financial reports completion;
    C. Provide reports from DRMIS;
    D. Create and submit DRMIS Vendor creation requests;
    E. Create and submit DRMIS Role trg requests;
    F. Enter CF 152s in Public Account Database;
    G. Provide finance policy assistance to members, i.e. claims, TD;
    H. Process and create SAFs;
    I. Maintain unit shadow budget(s);
    J. Maintain commitment spreadsheet;
    K. Process claims;
    L. Process Event Status Requests;
    M. Maintain Travel Plan register;
    N. Maintain Invoice Register;
    O. Process DoA;
    P. Process Acquisition Card requests;
    Q. Attend professional development trg;
    R. Attend career progression trg;
    S. Completion of personnel administration; and
    T. Other duties and tasks as assigned by the Snr FSA and/or Snr HRA
  5. Rations, quarters, accomodations, and/or move
    1. Rations and quarters are available?: YES
    2. Member must live in service accomodation?: NO
    3. Member must live on the economy.
    4. Move of DHG and E will be considered? YES
    5. Other pertinent details: Quarters are limited and will be at member's expense.
  6. Members of the Supp Res if eligible who wish to apply for this position may do so through SUPP RES STAFF at toll free number: 1-866-558-3566, Fax number: 1-613-992-1324, Email: Members of the P Res and Reg F if eligible who wish to apply for this position may do so through their home unit's Orderly Room. If eligible, members of the NAVRES/RCN PRL, who wish to apply for this position, may do so by submitting an e-mail through their chain of command before going to the appropriate career manager for action. If selected, members of the NAVRES/RCN PRL must receive an authorisation from NAVRESHQ prior to start employment; this will ensure careful review of position requirements and time to complete appropriate administrative action. If selected for an employment within RCN, members of all Commands must receive an authorisation from NAVRESHQ prior to start employment. All nominations must be submitted through the Monitor Mass Reserve Employment Opportunity (REO). NOMINATIONS NOT PROCESSED THROUGH REO WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Nominations must include the following: 
    1. Contact information.
    2. Confirmation of whether or not member is in receipt of a pension under the CFSA attributable to REG F SVC.
    3. Any other pertinent info that should be considered by the employer (personal limitations affecting service performance, etc), including comments regarding any requirements for the position that may not be up to date in HRMS (such as language profile, physical fitness or medical) since initial screening for the POSN will be based on HRMS data. Sources documents will be required.
    4. CL C RES SVC IPC/IC calculation report results from HRMS (for CL C RES SVC opportunities only).
  7. OPI:
    • Name: Capt Rittwage , Mark Douglas
    • Position: 198392 - ADJT/ADJT
    • Phone: 709-256-1703 x1417
    • Email:
  8. Interviews: Only applicants considered suitable for the position will be contacted for interviews.
  9. Remarks: A. Gander is considered to be a semi-isolated post IAW CF H SVCS instruction 5020-34 and as such mbrs posted and moved at the public expense to Gander with dependents must complete the dependent screening. For instrs regarding the dependent screening process plse contact the Adjt Capt M.D. Rittwage at 709-256-1703 1417 immediately upon nomination in REO; B. Commanding Officer recommendation, Resume/CV and Unit contact number and POC to be provided with application in REO; and C. Applicants in the geographical area of the employing unit will be given priority.